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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hello Y12

Today we watched most of the Russian version of King Lear. Don't worry if you're not very sure what's happening! It is still early days. Watching the Russian version has the dual purpose of making us focus on the text (though there are differences) and allowing us to deduce meaning through performance.

Your homework is to compare the first scene of Kozinstev's 1971 production, you've watched this twice now for this purpose, with Eyre's 1997 production of King Lear. This can be watched on YouTube. You could include comparison of:
  • performance

  • setting

  • characterisation

  • social context

This should be no more than 500 words (let's practise being concise from the off!).

Any questions, please leave a comment or email via the school email system.

See you next week,

Ms :)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Hello Y12

Just so you know what's on the agenda... On Wednesday we'll look at some key terminology, do some close analysis of Scene One and then we'll watch some of the film (the Russian one). We will look at other performances later on in the term.

In the meantime, here are some links that you might find useful. Luminarium is a good website for information about various writers; this includes an excellent general resource as well as having a range of criticism for your delectation. Here is a link to a site that has comprehensive materials on the play.

I hope this helps, particularly as we move to consider the play in its historical context.

Don't forget to read and understand the play to the end of Act I.

Hope you're all well!

Ms :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hello Y12

Today we looked at the first two scenes in King Lear. We considered how the double plot overlaps in its plots, themes and characters.
I'm posting this really quickly due to time constraints so if you look at this on Wednesday please look again on Thursday so that it allows me to go into more detail...
You homework is to read to the end of Act 1; remember to read AND understand. If you are really struggling the click here for some useful guidance. I MUST state that this is only to assist your understanding and is in no way a substitute for reading the text. You have been warned!
Don't forget to check again on Thursday for further posts.
Good work today,
Ms Caldwell

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hello Y12

Today we looked at the key features of the literary genre of Tragedy.

It's essential that we start to consider the play in performance and, as the course progresses, we will look at how tragedy can be enhanced through performance.

Today we looked at characteristics of the genre; we also looked at Kozintsev's opening to the play and considered the performance.

The edition of King Lear you should get can be found through this link here. It's the Cambridge School edition.

I would like you to read to the and of Act I, Scene II.

Any problems, let me know.

Ms Caldwell

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hi Y12

It was great to meet you today; we'll have lots of fun with tragedy!

I am looking forward to presentations from teams two and three next Wednesday morning. I suggest that if you have a PowerPoint saved in your area then you email that to someone so it's not too 'tragic' if you're ill next week.

You need to do two things:
  • find a definition of tragedy
  • find a news article that could be seen as tragic. Be ready to share how your selected article fits into the definition of tragedy

The article should be printed out and brought to the lesson.

Well done team one for today's presentation and to everyone for a fantastic first lesson. I was particularly impressed with how many of you were applying your newly acquired knowledge of tragedy to the questions asked by team one.

See you next week,

Ms Caldwell

An Introduction to Tragedy

Welcome Y12 to your tragedy Blog!

Hello Y12

This blog is an accessible way for me to communicate the week's learning and set the homework. It is also a useful place for me to create links to extend your learning outside the classroom; learning outside the classroom is essential for success in AS.

If you miss a lesson you will need to look at this blog in order to catch up and do the week's homework. It is also a useful way for you to communicate with me and each other. You can post comments and also feedback to let me know if the learning has been too difficult or too easy; I'll also create polls to get your reactions to debates and ideas that arise.

Today we have looked at Tragedy; tragedy is the dramatic genre we will look at this year. You will write two pieces of coursework in this time. The examination will be taught by Mrs Archer and will focus on Aspects of Narrative.

The two plays we will study are Shakespeare's King Lear and Miller's All My Sons. Very exciting!

Ms Caldwell