Wednesday, 8 September 2010

An Introduction to Tragedy

Welcome Y12 to your tragedy Blog!

Hello Y12

This blog is an accessible way for me to communicate the week's learning and set the homework. It is also a useful place for me to create links to extend your learning outside the classroom; learning outside the classroom is essential for success in AS.

If you miss a lesson you will need to look at this blog in order to catch up and do the week's homework. It is also a useful way for you to communicate with me and each other. You can post comments and also feedback to let me know if the learning has been too difficult or too easy; I'll also create polls to get your reactions to debates and ideas that arise.

Today we have looked at Tragedy; tragedy is the dramatic genre we will look at this year. You will write two pieces of coursework in this time. The examination will be taught by Mrs Archer and will focus on Aspects of Narrative.

The two plays we will study are Shakespeare's King Lear and Miller's All My Sons. Very exciting!

Ms Caldwell

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