Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hi Y12

We powered through a lot of stuff today.

We had a revision of the coursework requirements and the concepts of Tragedy.

We then considered alternative thematic interpretations of the play. This is an analysis/discussion of criticism and interpretation. It was difficult, but it should tax your brain somewhat! Where this is particularly useful is that it can give you names of criticism that you can google and explore in more detail online (remembering to reference it (look at previous post in order to do that properly)); the criticism you use will vary according to your question. Here is the information we looked at in class:

Use the learning from today's lesson to guide your title writing. Ensure it has a focus on an aspect of tragedy. You MUST focus on an aspect of tragedy. Look at the titles from the lesson today to further assist your title. They are here.

Email me by the end of the day!

If you see Jack or Kathryn, please remind them to look at this blog. And a note to all, if you miss a lesson, it is essential that you look at this blog asap so you can keep up to date with the learning.

For homework you need to read the Kettle criticism I gave you. Next lesson we'll look at AC Bradley. You also need to read Act III, Sc VII. As ever, look closely at language, links to tragedy and consider contextual factors and interpretations!

Well done for today. You worked well on a difficult task.

Ms Caldwell

P.S. Already got some titles and I'm looking forward to the rest.


  1. Question:

    Both Lear and Gloucester cast away there most deserving child in Act I. Is it their excessive pride or the manipulation of their other children that forces them into this decision?

    I would answer by looking at Lear's pride and then comparing it to Gloucester's. Doing the same for manipulation. I would conclude by saying Lear throws out Cordelia because of pride more than manipulation, although he claims otherwise. And Gloucester is more manipulated by Edmund. I would say that the two plots are used to show that although Lear and Gloucester banished their children for different reasons they both end up blinded (mentally and physically), highlighting the inevitability of the play.

  2. This sounds like it should be fine. I would say find a couple of scenes to focus on though; this will ensure your writing is tight and on focus.
    I'd replace excessive pride for hubris.
    Also, check spelling of there!
    I hope you're ok. Do get in contact if you have any concerns or need any help/support.
    Take care,

  3. Um I don't seem to have my sheet of the criticism :/ ... what shall I do?

  4. Get another one off me tomorrow. Better still, find someone first thing and read it before the class.
    Should have time to read it in reg or before I get to the class.
    Ms :)