Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Go through the past papers and answer one complete Section B question. You can choose. I was just going to get you to do Keats (as it says in this video), but it'll be valuable to answer the whole question. Do this in timed conditions and in one go.
You should also revise the poems, read and re-read them so that you know them extremely well; leave comments on the blog and do general research.
Let me know if you have any problems.



  1. hey ms, i dont know if this changes anything but in our last lesson with ms archer we just did exactly that homework but im sure everyone should do it again! Also, me, elise, molly, anisha, nadia, greg, manon, julia and ekta wont be in the lesson, as we have the art exam. There may be others aswell, sorry if i forgot anyone! Thanks :) x

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Hatty. It is always important to answer as many questions as you can before the exam. The point is to really familiarise yourself with the structure of questions. Pick a question you haven't done before or one that you think you can improve a previous response. Those that are really savvy will look at the AOs that are specific for the question and the suggested content.
    If you are in the Art exam, how about a condensed lesson for an hour after school on Monday or Tuesday? What do others think? i have some stuff that will be valuable for you from the inset on Wednesday.
    Ms :)
    PS Hope you liked me being in the room without being in the room!

  3. Hi Ms Caldwell,
    I was just looking at the assesment objectives, and do they really only mark section A, question (a) on AO2 etc? Critical vocabulary is part of AO1, but surely we still need to use it when analysing language, structure and form...? or do we just not get any points for it, unlike in question (b) in Section A?
    Also, what does 'issues raised through connections between texts? mean for AO3? If we're not meant to compare them, how do we raise issues by connecting them?
    And how much knowledge of contextual factors do we need for question (b) in Section A?
    I'm confused!
    Eleanor :)

  4. Hi Eleanor
    You're always one step ahead! This is exactly the lesson that we will have on Wednesday, which will be a really close focus on the exam and what's required.
    Yes, in Aa AO2 is the only AO. You don't get mark for AO1.You will use critical vocabulary because it often can save time. Only when appropriate and if you know the term! People fall into the trap of trying to write with vocab that they don't fully understand and this lets them down. Because of the way you express yourself, your writing incorporates critical vocabulary into your argument; basically, don't sit in the exam and think 'have I used enough critical vocabulary?'
    It is only in Ab that you're marked on AO4, contextual factors. Make sure you discuss context in Ab. I'll show you an example answer for this too so you can see how much to write about context. Know as much as you can; what you will write will depend on the specific question.
    AO3 is found in the question. AQA ask you a question that requires you to find connections: you do not need to make them explicit. The connections will be found in your answer.
    I have some example answers that we will look at in lesson on Wednesday. They are not about the texts we are doing, but are good examples of what to do and what not to do. There's an example of a Band 6 response as well as others.
    One of the points made by AQA at the day last week was that of you write to focused on the AOs it makes the argument lack fluidity and focus ( I think this is a bit harsh!). By far the most important thing to do is answer the question; you'd be surprised by how many students don't do this.
    I will go through section by section on Wednesday though so you exactly what to write and where.
    Does that clear things up a bit?
    Ms :)

  5. P.S. I've just read through the above comment. It is littered with typos and grammatical errors (I was trying to be quick). I hope it makes sense. Let me know if any problems. :/