Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Leadership Opportunity

Hello all
I expect you are missing English terribly. Poor you. Not long until we'll be back!
In the meantime, I am leading one of the Y12 Leadership opportunities and I was hoping some of you may be interested ...
It will focus on the development of The Cherwell Competencies. It would in involve leading some focus groups; using tutor times and making videos for use in tutor period, Y6 transfer and assemblies. This is your chance to leave a lasting legacy on the school even after you've left!
Best wishes,


  1. Hi Ms
    When would we do the programme, is it a replacement for complementary studies?
    Nabila :)

    I think I may have worked out how to post anonymously!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you worked it out.
    It's not a replacement for complementary studies, but would be an excellent addition to any UCAS form...
    It will be in the last few weeks of term after work experience.
    It is an opportunity to have a lasting impact upon the school's ethos! (and should be fun too.)
    Ms :)

  3. Hi Ms,

    I've got an unrelated question. Are there any books that you'd like us to buy or to have read before we come back?

  4. Hi Alex,
    I'll give you a reading list for the summer, but, for now, enjoy a well earned rest and read for fun!
    Room is good and you could read it in an afternoon (though I was distracted by looking at it from an aspects of narrative perspective!).
    You good look at some of the prize winning books of the year.
    Alternatively, read a few classics. I think you'd quite like the gritty realism of Zola's Germinal (one of my favourite books). I think it's useful to read Flaubert's Mme Bovary for comparison (another one of my favourites).
    I think I rambling! Anyone else have any suggestions?
    As a useful pre-read, if you haven't read Jane Eyre, read it.

  5. Excuse the mistakes in the last comment! I tend not to proof read comments so much...
    I also meant to say try (a non-fiction read) Blink by Malcom Gladwell. I think you might like it. Or some of his other books; he's not a scientist so there are scientific holes in lots of what he writes, but his writing is often enjoyable nonetheless. Ms

  6. Thanks, I'll definitely have a look at some of those. Also I should probably mention that people who do further maths (I think it's just me, Jack and Nabila) won't be in Wednesday's double because we have an exam (at least it's our last one).

  7. Thanks for this, Alex. Good luck!