Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stop Press!

If you're writing a soliloquy, in Shakespeare's style, then you need not adhere to the 600 word count. If you're writing the dramatic monologue or creative writing then I think that this word limit is acceptable. If you are struggling with this then do let me know.
Hope you've enjoyed your long weekend!
Ms Caldwell


  1. Hello
    Is it alright if we've gone over the word limit...?
    And if it's a piece of creative writing, does it still have to be in old english etc?
    I've done it but it's quite long and doesn't use Shakespeare style language! I hope that's ok :s
    See you Wednseday

  2. That's fine, Eleanor. If it's not written in Shakespeare's style it doesn't matter either - there was a choice.
    I hope you've found it ok; i know lots of people have been struggling with it.
    See you tomorrow
    Ms :)

  3. Hello Ms Caldwell!
    I hope my piece of creative writing was not too long - I do tend to get carried away with these things!
    I'm looking forward to reading a post about celebrity tragedy - and I believe I heard something about Star Wars...?
    See you next week for lots of drama!
    Eleanor :)

  4. Getting carried away is a good thing!
    I need a bit of time for the next post, but it'll be up tomorrow evening. Sorry about the wait...
    Ms :)

  5. Don't worry about the wait - it can be a lesson in dramatic tension, something I'm sure even Shakespeare himself used!
    Eleanor :)