Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Tragic Treasure Hunt

Hello Y12

I’m afraid I can’t be with you on Wednesday (I am at a conference in London).

Don’t be too distressed though: I have left you some work. If you look at the bottom of the lectern (the stand with the computer on) there is a cupboard with a key. In the cupboard, at the back, there is a red folder. Inside the red folder there is the Russian version of King Learyay! You can watch this until the end; we were about 1hr30mins in. Don't forget to move the mouse every ten minutes or it'll hibernate.
At the end of the film version of the play I think it is good to consider Huxley's definition of tragedy...

When this has finished you should make a double plot synopsis of the plots; this will need two strands, one for the Lear plot and one for the Gloucester plot. (This might be done most simply as a timeline.) You should discuss the plot/s in groups and share your points. Ensure everyone is included in your discussion. Make sure you bring your completed synopsis to next week's lesson as you will need it.

You should then write a re-creative piece telling the story from a single character’s point-of-view; you can choose the character. This will help you focus on the plot from a different perspective. It is essential that you consult your text for details of the plot and to get to know your character; you can also use links in previous post to help with your knowledge and understanding.
You could write this as:
- a soliloquy in Shakespeare’s style, making reference to similar themes and using language that is appropriate
- a dramatic monologue
- a piece of creative writing
This should be finished for homework and handed in next lesson. It should be between 600 and 800 words.
The homework that is due in today should have your name on and go in the red folder that you found as part of the treasure hunt. PUT THE DVD IN HERE TOO AND TAKE IT TO THE STAFF ROOM TO GO IN MY PIGEON-HOLE PLEASE. I love this version, it is very difficult to get hold of and it is my personal copy. Please look after it and ensure it finds its way home...
Finally, write your full name, legibly, on a single piece of paper and take it to the office as a register please. I suggest this is done as someone is logging on to play the DVD.
Well done in advance for all your hard work!

If you have any queries please leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, email me via the school email (lcaldwell).
See you next week
Ms Caldwell


  1. I wrote a soliloquy from cordelia's point of view, in Shakespeare's style, and it took me ages, but it's 200 words long. Do I have to write another one?
    Thanks! Anisha

  2. No. 200 words is fine for the soliliquy. If you see other people from the class could you let them know too please.
    Thanks Anisha. See you on Wednesday.
    Ms :)