Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello Y12

Hope all is well in the world of y12!

Right, straight to it. Your homework is to read to the end of the play. As I said before, when I say read I mean read and understand. You need to have a secure understanding of the play as a whole before we can move on to coursework.

When you've done this have a look at these Titles! (I'm sure you're as excited by this new blogging feature as I am...) Pick one and make a brief plan for an essay. You need to consider how you'd structure the essay to keep your answer clear and focused on the task.

You'll have to manage your own learning here. If it's taken you three hours to read to the end of the play, don't then spend another three trying to plan an essay. If you've already read to the end of the play, and feel you know it well, spend a solid amount of time looking at the titles and planning a response.

Finally, don't panic! You may not be able to structure a response to some of the questions because we've not looked in detail at some of these scenes. Choose one that we have a looked at. This is not your coursework title, but a chance for you to consider structuring a response before you choose your own. It's also a chance to have a look at the questions from last year and begin consider your own choice.

Any problems then do let me know.

Ms :)

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