Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hey Y12
Just to let you know they'll be homework. I have some titles for your perusal. This needs to be really well structured (by me) so I need a bit of time to put it all together. It'll be posted tomorrow night.
Let me know if this is a problem.
Ms :)


  1. Hi
    How big will the homework be? will it be a large homework like an essay or a smaller one like choosing a question??? (because I have a lot of homework...)
    thank you!
    Eleanor :)

  2. Sorry. It's a reading homework; read to the end of the play. Also, look at the questions. Consider how you'd answer one and create a brief plan. This isn't going to be the essay that you'll do for coursework, but is to help you consider structure of the essay before we look at some next week. I know you've got a lot on so I'm trying to keep homeworks purposeful, but not too labour intensive!
    Ms :)