Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello Y12

Very near the end of your first piece of coursework - half the course completed!

We are due to do All My Sons on Wednesday. You need a copy. Here is a handy link (how wonderful that I've save you the trouble of having to search for it yourself!); it would be extraordinarily useful if you also bought the York Notes (although you can access useful guidance on line. (You are lucky!) If you would like to extend your reading then have a look at this.

If you would like to reference the criticism I gave you (an A3 sheet), here is the correct reference for you to copy and paste.
  • Danson Brown,R, and Johnson, D, 2000, A Shakespeare Reader: Sources and Criticism, London: Macmillan Press Ltd
Here is the reference for the other sheets I gave you (the coloured ones).
  • Ryan, K, 2000, Shakespeare: Texts and Contexts, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan in assoc. with The Open University
I'm looking forward to working with you for All My Sons; I think you'll enjoy it very much despite the obvious tragedy.

Lots of you should email me your essays and I shall get back to you ASAP.

EG has raised the bar considerably with the quote cakes! Poor Colin the Caterpillar is 'bound upon a wheel of fire, and (his) tears do scald like molten lead'. (I had to get it in somewhere!)

What next I wonder!

See you next week,
Ms Caldwell


  1. Ironically that quote wasn't included, although I agree E did an absolutely smashing job with the cakes. Thanks :)

    I'm doing some very minor revisions to my essay: removing gratuitous references to criticism, and also cutting the unnecessary introduction to keep it within the word limit. I should be able to email this to you by the weekend at the latest.

  2. Perhaps I should have said 'unburdened crawl towards death', probably fits better anyway and was the quote I ate!
    Look forward to essay; thanks for update.
    Ms :)