Friday, 11 February 2011

Hello Y12

For your homework I'd like you to read to the end of the play please. You should also do some research on line of the historical context (as this is obviously an Assessment Objective). I would like you to show me this in class. You are particularly looking at Post War America, the American Dream and McCarthyism (nothing to do with our own prestigious Dr McCarthy!). As a guide, it should be between 300-500 words at the very least.

You can format this however best suits your learning style (mind-map, paragraphs), but it should still include detail.

I will do another post on Saturday; this will be an overview of what we looked at in class as well as some guidance on any research. I haven't quite got enough time to give all the information I would like to at this moment, but it'll be there Saturday lunchtime.

Any problems then give me shout (email or comment).

Best wishes,
Ms Caldwell

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