Monday, 11 July 2011

It is nearly the end of term and then we can all have a break. A reminder that this isn't the time for holidays and watching video lessons; we need to work on our A Level English until the end of term when we then have a break. I know the temptation is to sit back now, believe me, I feel that too, but we need to power through to the end! I'd also like to point out that government cuts mean that you have reduced teaching hours so every second counts...
Right. Lecture over! Last week we looked at historical context, an Assessment Objective of course. The document for this are available ein the Student Shared/ Ms Caldwell/ Y12 English. You can access this via Barracuda.

Your homework is to have at least 900 words of your first draft of your essay:
An analysis of National Trust by Tony Harrison and an evaluation of how it could be related to Marxism. 

Everyone should have this, even if you have been away.

Email me if you have any problems or questions.

BTW: something very weird has happened with the formatting of this post - please ignore.


  1. Hi miss,

    There's no problem with doing the essay, I'm just slightly confused as to how it links with our coursework (although this is probably just because I missed the first lesson). The Specification says that we have to produce two essays, one of which is a comparative study of two texts, and one of which is an analysis of a text using a critical anthology, neither of which seem to be quite the same as what we're doing at the moment. Will we have the opportunity to choose our own texts, or does the task you've set us fit into one of those two tasks?



  2. Alex, the photocopy I gave you on Marxism is from the critical anthology. You are analysing the text from a Marxist critical perspective. It is entirely what we are doing at the moment.

  3. Miss you posted this on Monday and I checked it today but I have no time, could I possibly do mine in the lesson or hand it in by the end of the week? I wasn't in your lesson last Wednesday so I didn't know we had to write the coursework or I would have (should have) started it :) Sorry, Nabila.

    Or right a substantially shorter one in what time I do have? :)

  4. Hi Nabila, as you weren't in the lesson, and you have such an excellent track record, this is fine. Do as much as you can and we'll work on it in the lesson.
    Thanks for letting me know.
    Ms :)

  5. So basically we write a 900 word essay which is classed as our coursework draft?

  6. Yep; we'll then work on them in the lesson, after looking at some exemplars.
    Sorted. :)

  7. Ok well I haven't done 900 words,didn't know what else to write :/ I felt like I was just repeating myself, I've done around 700... is that ok?

  8. That's fine, Ekta. You'll have a better idea after the lesson today. Well done. Ms :)