Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nearly there!

Helllo Y12

Not long to go until the summer holidays!

Because of Activities Day, Wednesday was our last lesson of Y12; I feel it passed rather unceremoniously. I hope that you've enjoyed your learning in English over the last year. It is a steep learning curve from GCSE; the move from AS to A2 is another curve. I think you've all done very well and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year, which has flown by. I am very much looking forward to see you progress in Y13 and see you move into life beyond school. 

It is essential that you are able to learn independently. The split should be 40% / 60%. 40% input from me; 60% input from you. You need to learn to work independently to prepare for University.

You need to have completed essays to me by next Wednesday morning. If you're going to Florence, that should be before 3am on Saturday. If you've given me a decent chunk of work, I'll get that back to you ASAP. Look at the AOs I gave you. Critical vocab from the lesson will be up as a link here as soon as possible too. 

To be very clear, you are writing an essay (1200-1500 words) looking at National Trust from a Marxist critical perspective. This will be part of your coursework. It will also be useful to get to terms with writing about a text from a critical perspective. 

Let me know if you've any problems.

They'll be another post with a summer reading list so do not check this in September!

Ms :)

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