Friday, 30 September 2011

Hello Y13

Good work this week. 

You should feel that you know this poem well and are ready to write your essay from a feminist critical perspective.
This week we did a close analysis of Donne’s To his Mistress Going to Bed. We drew out many meanings and considered how these could be interpreted with a feminist reading. It is very rude! The question is: does this objectify women or is there equality in his language and expectation?

I am having some problems uploading my documents on to this post. However, they are available in the Student Shared Area/ Ms Caldwell/ A Level English and it should be obvious from there. There’s a glossary there too. I will endeavour to get them on here though, but I’m not sure how successful this will be. Sorry.
It would also be useful to research ‘imputed grace’.
Your homework then is to write two excellent paragraphs answering: Would you agree that Donne presents the man as dominant and exploitative in To His Mistress Going to Bed or would you agree that he presents women as equal? This should be at least 500 words. Don't forget to include the criticism in your analysis. 

Any problems, leave a comment. I am away this weekend though so can’t promise I can get back to you until Sunday evening. It would be useful if you could help each other out if you’ve got questions; keep checking back here to see if you can help.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Hi Ms,
    Sorry to intrude on the blog (I do miss it!) but I'm still on the mailing list for the blog and I thought you may need the space (I remember you saying it was limited..?) for someone actually still in your class :)
    And thank you for your help with my statement (again)!!