Saturday, 24 March 2012



Firstly, if you've given me your essay, go and make yourself a cup of tea and save yourself the trauma of reading this post. Well done you.You will have your essay back soon if you have not already.
Too many of you haven't and, without wanting to alarm you, you are limiting your ability to have decent feedback on your essays. Actually -- I do want you to be alarmed.  This is YOUR A Level.
I am limited by the boundaries of time. So are you. I am teaching all week and for the first week of the holidays. The deadline for me to have these completed with annotation for the exam board in two weeks. This is my deadline not yours. Yours needs to be in well before this. When do you anticipate that I will mark your work? you can see by the posts on this blog that 1500 to 1800 words were due on 5th March. THE 5th MARCH.
If someone has made an error I may email them over the holiday, but this is for minor corrections not full draft help.
You have had plenty of time to get this coursework in to me, including time in lessons. I have a professional responsibility and requirements put forward by my faculty that mean essays need to be in now.
You are not the only students or people in my life and I have responsibilities elsewhere.
Someone best bring an enormous cake on Monday.

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