Saturday, 3 March 2012

Nearly there!

Right Y13 - just so we are all very clear...
On Monday I expect

  • your first full draft of you comparative coursework This should be between 1500 - 1800 words. This will allow me to have a look at it and then you to make final amendments over the next week. Bring an electronic copy to our lesson on Monday
  • your final draft of your Marxist or Feminist essay if you haven't already given me that. If you don't do this i will use the essay that I have from you as your final draft.
We're on the final straight now. I need these in so they can be moderated before the Easter holidays. We also need to move on to the exam - hurrah!

Also, don't forget to use this blog to help you. The homeworks you have had have been building towards this point. For example, AO4 AO4 AO4.

Also, Y13 PCE is coming up. 

Best wishes,


  1. Hi, I don't go to this school, but I find your blogs really useful. I have a question about the Marxist essay - i'm aware that the AO3 on the coursework boundaries involve 'connecting texts'. But I'm not sure whether this applies to the Marxist essay or not? Do the 'connecting texts' imply connecting the main text with marxism (critical anthology), rather than actual separate texts?

  2. Hi Karim - I'm glad that this has been useful to you. To answer your question, AO3 applies to all the coursework for both AS and A2 on the AQA course. There are two aspects, one is about interpretation and the other requires you to connect texts. If you give a Marxist interpretation, you are looking at different interpretation. If you reference the Anthology, you are connecting texts, but I would advise you to do more than this. I don't know what your text is, but can you find another by the same author? Or another Marxist text? You don't need to write much about it, probably a paragraph or a direct comparison within a paragraph, and this should be enough.
    What ever you do, ensure that you reference everything you use. Use the search bar on this blog (Harvard referencing)for a link that tells you how to reference everything correctly.
    Your teacher will be able guide you more thoroughly though. Hope this has been useful.
    Ms Caldwell

  3. Hi Ms Caldwell.

    thank you very much for responding. I've found another poem by Harrison, so I'll make a connection to that.

    Thanks again.


  4. No worries. I would highly recommend Them and Uz. Look at voicelessness of working class (links to National Trust if that's your text), separation, class conflict, language for empowerment and subjugation of Proletariat, also excellent for Ao4 too as links to Harrison's life (title of poetry book - School of Eloquence) and the political climate.
    He is a fabulous poet.
    Good luck.