Friday, 4 March 2011

Hello Y12

Firstly, I know most of you skim-read this: don't. Lots of you miss things because you simply haven't read this properly. If you want to go to University, which I'm sure all of you do, you must be able to study independently. This is a good in-between to encourage you to do so. DO so. I realise that many of you are feeling a bit like the person in the picture, but, even though it's only March, you are actually extremely close to the end. All your coursework for English AS will be finished by the end of the month. Yikes.

I forgot to take in your homework in this week's lesson. The purpose of the exercise was to not only prepare you for your coursework question, but to make you think about whether or not you were engaged with the question. If not, pick a different one. If you're still not sure, do a few plans for different questions.

Your need to have read the play at least three times, I would suggest. It is not a difficult read and on a further reading you will spot things that you haven't before. Just pick it up and read a few pages! You will learn something every time.

This week we looked at quotes from Act I. We considered how Miller presents the inevitability of the tragedy. This was to build on analytical skills for the AOs with specific links to language, themes and Tragedy. You should have a considerable knowledge of Act I now and be able to remember at least one quote! Although the language is simpler than Lear, you still need to be able to discuss meaning in a similar way.

Remember, you can also use a re-creative approach. This will need to be accompanied by a commentary. The commentary should reflect on how you've written the text and what it has taught you about All My Sons. Sometimes the AO descriptors will relate to the new text you've written and sometimes they will relate explicitly to the analysis in the commentary. Your new text will echo textual evidence from AMS and use critical vocabulary in your commentary. Basically, LOOK at the assessment objectives.

The assessment objectives for both are here.

Here is the PowerPoint from the lesson. Answer the questions on slides six and eight please. This is a substantial homework so ensure you leave yourselves enough time to do it properly. It will help you with your coursework.

I suggest you go and see the Shelley's Ghost exhibition in Oxford. You can easily spend and hour there. It is obviously interesting and deeply moving. One of the benefits of living in Oxford is being able to go to things like this. Go to it. It is even free...

As an extension, I also recommend some research into Ibsen. Look on older posts for links.

If you have any problems/questions, email me or leave a comment. I am here to help.

Best wishes,
Ms Caldwell


  1. Hi Miss, it's Nadia
    I don't know why but whenever I try and click on your powerpoint link it goes to some weird 'google docs' website and wont let me access it!
    What shall I do?

  2. Hi Nadia,
    I'll email it to you!
    Ms :)