Monday, 21 March 2011

To implode or to explode? That is the question.
I know I'm mixing my tragedies, but final essays are due in on Wednesday and a couple of you have not handed first drafts to me.


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask something about the deadline. I've sent you my first draft but I'm not sure if my essay will be quite up to standard as a final coursework piece by Wednesday-- and by the sound of it some other people are in the same kind of situation. I appreciate that we need to move on to the poetry in class time, but seeing as all the coursework is being moderated over Easter, which is is just under three weeks, would it not be possible to continue tweaking our essays in our own time for a little longer?



  2. Hi Alex. I would like the essays completed on Wednesday. I need to have a hard copy well in advance of Easter. This is so I can mark it and any glaring errors can be rectified. I need to give it a final mark before it is moderated. It will take me at least 40 mins for each essay to be fully marked and annotated according to the exam board's specification. Forgive me for wanting some of the Easter holiday as a holiday!
    Furthermore, it becomes utterly unmanageable to take essays in in dribs and drabs. Whilst some people are very good at meeting deadlines, others do not. For my own peace of mind as well as adhering to the professional requirements put forward by my faculty, I need the final versions in by Wednesday.
    Essentially, the moderation is my deadline not yours.
    Your 1000 word drafts were due last Wednesday. There were two hours to work in last lesson and this week's lesson will allow you to make amendments. I do think this is a reasonable amount of time for a revision and 500 words...
    That said, if someone had made a serious error and the coursework was well below what was anticipated, an extension would be permitted. But this would have to be due to an error rather than not meeting a deadline. This is the very reason why your deadline is earlier than my final deadline.
    Finally, you need the Easter holiday to revise for exams. You don't want to be distracted by tweaking an essay!
    Hope this clears that up!
    Ms :)