Wednesday, 30 March 2011

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Hello Y12

Good work today. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the poem; it's a poem I love!

Here is the PREZI we looked at in class.

There is a wealth of information on the web for you. Here are a few to help:

An overview of Keats' life, a guide to Romanticism and here is a guide to La Belle Dame Sans Merci (this site is good for looking at meter).

If you would like to extend your learning, I would like you to consider binary opposition. If you do Media, you may have come across it. It is a way of interpreting a text (or a piece of media) that allows you to consider why we respond/interpret in the way we do. Have a look at this, but make sure you click on the links at the bottom. It's part of a theory of meaning called Structuralism. It's a good extension, but might make your head hurt a little bit!

I would like to show Bright Star after school on Wednesday. Could you let me know if you can come please?

Finally, I am talking to some teachers about blogging tomorrow. If you would like to leave a comment about what it is like to have a blog to refer to, then please do!

Best wishes,

Ms Caldwell


  1. Hi Ms Caldwell
    Just wanted to say that having a blog is awesome for communication... it's really easy to get in touch with you and ask questions, and also see the questions others are asking, especially if we want to know the same thing.
    On the other hand, it can be slightly worrying to not know the homework immediately after the lesson, especially when you have frees on Wednesday afternoons, and a busy weekend (although this might just be me wanting to be super organised...). However, it's good when the homework involves links, as it means we don't have to copy out urls or google vague phrases and hope we find the right thing...
    Hope that's helpful!
    Eleanor :)

  2. and I can also come next Wednesday to watch Bright Star!

  3. Hi,

    I can also come on Wednesday after school.

    I think the blog's a really good idea. It's very useful to have a wealth of information about homeworks or background information available between lessons, especially given that links can be put in. It also helps with communication if something needs to be discussed between lessons. The fish, of course, are the icing on the cake.