Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hi Y12

If you don't mind, I'm going to post a review of today's lesson later in the week. Realistically, this will be Saturday. The reason is that I am very tired - sorry!

I'm hoping that, as it''s the holidays, a few days won't matter too much (you're probably also tired). Do get in touch if you think it may.

Your homework is to read through the Allardyce booklet and annotate the rest of Lamia. My delayed post will give more information, as will the booklet though (so you've got something to do between now and Saturday!).

You also need to read The Eve of St. Agnes.

Finally, here is a biography of Fanny Brawne. This will hold greater resonance with those who saw the film Bright Star (a film named after a sonnet composed for Fanny by Keats). The film, for me at least (although a dramatisation rather than a factual account), made Keats seem more human.

AG and JK - it's your turn for cakes on the Wednesday when we return...

Happy Easter!

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