Monday, 4 April 2011


Hello Y12
Please ensure that your essays have bibliographies. These must be completed to the Harvard system of referencing. This is:
Surname, Initial. Second initial if relevant., year of publication. Title of Book in Italics. Place of publication: Publisher.
This should look like this:
Baron, D. P., 2008. Business and the organisation. Chester: Pearson.
If you need any further help on how to reference a text or website, look at this site. It tells you how to reference everything just click one that you need and it'll show you underneath how to do it. You'll be using it for years if you go to university so it's worth getting the hang of it now. It is easy once you know how.
Also, please come to Wednesday's lesson with an electronic version of both your coursework essays. King Lear and All My Sons.
Hope all is well.


  1. Hi Ms Caldwell,
    do I need to try and find the date of the Centola article so I can reference it properly, or have you changed it on mine (I think it was in bold on the version I emailed to you, as I hadn't done it properly) already?

  2. Hi
    I've put yours in. It's 1997.
    Best wishes, Ms :)